Sunday, November 17, 2019

Water cooler Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Water cooler - Essay Example anizations by providing information that theft in organizations in the recent past has lead to a great loss of organizations resources to a tune of over $200million each year. The most recent form of theft identified is called ‘sweethearting’, and this is where employees give products to clients away for free to loyal and preferred customers. This is common with employees at the exit like cashiers. The article relates to the topic since it tends to enlighten organizations on how to handle its resources to prevent waste, it also shows how the US economy is affected by the losses from the bad Human Resource practices i.e. $200million loss each year. To address ‘sweethearting’, for example there are both short term and long term measures. The short term measure as per the article is educating the employees on the ramifications of the act on both the employee and employer and the ethics behind it. The long term solution is the employment of thorough recruitment, well screened. Screening question should focus on employee social acceptance, risk taking and ethics. This makes sure that the right click of employees is recruited for employment. An example of water cooler talk was that on the article about Frank Gore’s of San Francisco 49ers team unhappy state and need for another contract even after being involved in many games. The head coach refused to act on water cooler

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